What To Do About Falling Teeth?

With age comes change, and one of the biggest changes that the human body goes through is related to teeth. Most people over the age of 65 experience oral problems such as decaying teeth, gum diseases, infections of the mouth, or tooth loss.

Tooth loss is probably the most common aftermath of any of the diseases mentioned above. It is not necessary that your teeth may fall out after a certain age, though.

Fortunately, the dental sciences like dental implant surgery chester have come up with several methods to fix this problem. Of course, once adult teeth fall out, they cannot regrow. But they can be replaced.

Ways to Replace Fallen Teeth

There are several ways in which teeth that have fallen off can be replaced. A few of them are:

·    Removable Partial Denture

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·    Temporary Denture

·    Bridge

·    Dental Implant

The most common option out of these is the partial/temporary denture.

Most Cost-effective Way

The most cost-effective way of replacing fallen teeth is by getting dentures made. Dentures are custom design molds of artificial teeth and gums that are formed by your dentist that can be used to replace missing teeth in your mouth.

These can be temporary full dentures or partial ones. It means that you can either get a denture made for replacing all teeth on your top or bottom (or both) line, or you can get it made just for a few teeth that are missing.

Most people agree that getting partial dentures is much better than getting a full denture because, to get a full denture, dentists suggest having all the teeth pulled out.

Most Efficient Way

While dentures are cheaper, they are incredibly tough to maintain and get used to. A better way to replace fallen teeth would be having dental implant surgery. Dental implants are titanium posts being drilled into the jawbone so that teeth or bridges can be placed on that post.

Having a dental implant is the closest thing to having a natural tooth. This procedure is more expensive than getting dentures made, but there are professionals that offer this procedure at affordable rates.

Dentures can loosen up over time and may cause inconvenience with regards to eating or maintaining oral hygiene. At the same time, dental implants are highly efficient. One can eat and chew as usual without having to avoid hard or sticky foods. They are long-lasting and require very low maintenance, which is why you can think of dental implants as a one-time investment.


Oral hygiene is essential. Without it, tooth loss is inevitable. One can only be so careful about their teeth. Falling out of teeth can be avoided by keeping away other mouth-related diseases. In any case, you can now make a better decision of which method to go with, should you experience it- the cost-effective one, or the efficient one.